Focused on Children and Teens

The difficulty in mastering English lies in its many exceptions. Words are often not pronounced the way they are written, and there are numerous exceptions to rules.  Therefore, spending time in an English-speaking environment and wrestling with the language should be a crucial part of the learning process, especially for young learners.

Using the Cambridge Exam for Younger Learners as the foundation, our native English-speaking teachers focus on listening comprehension and speaking skills. These skills are difficult for the students to acquire in their home countries, and we use workshops, tours and other interactive activities at landmark venues across London to engage the students in conversation.  This way, the students improve their vocabulary, grammatical understanding and pronunciation without realising they are learning.

Each student is treated as an individual at Hi-London, with our teachers and teaching assistants spending focused time with each of the students. We collect information on each student before he or she starts a course and use this information to fine-tune the course delivery. In addition, we provide assessments to those students who are with us for two weeks or more.

About Us

Courses Offered Throughout the Year

We offer our courses for Children 5-11, Teens 12-18 and Accompanying Adults throughout the year.  The Children's courses are focused around themes like Scientific London and London Jungle, with in-classroom activities and excursions in line with each week's theme.  The courses for teens are largely excursion-based.  For Accompanying Adults, we offer both classroom and excursion-based programmes.

Our English language courses run as seasonal sessions during the summer, autumn, winter and spring. During these times, we also offer a range of optional add-ons, including lunch-time classes and programmes before and after the group courses.  These optional add-ons allow you to build a timetable that works for you.​

"I just wanted to thank you for my kids last week.  They were all very happy after the week.  Fridrick is already thinking of coming back and then for 2 weeks :-)

​Audur, Iceland