"We had an amazing journey in London. All the children were very happy and now they want to go back to England! Thanks again for your kindness and your love for our kids."

Cosimo, Italy

The teaching team is supported by a multilingual operations team.  Our staff members have lived and worked across Europe and Asia, and some are parents as well.  We love living in London and are happy to share our favourite haunts with our students and their families!

Our Team

Passionate about London

Passionate about Our Students

We at Hi-London are passionate about what we do. Our focus is on helping the children, teens and adult family members who enrol in our English language classes make the most of their London experiences. 

Our native English-speaking teachers, workshop leaders and teaching assistants are chosen for their ability to inspire learning among children and teens.  Unlike those teaching at other English language schools, many of our lead teachers are qualified to teach in English primary or secondary schools.  All have extensive 
experience working with children.  A few have also worked abroad and understand quite well the challenges faced by our students.